In the News: Newstalk ZB

In the News: Newstalk ZB


Doctor Libby Weaver and Mike Hosking on ZB:

Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB), chats to one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists,
a 13 times best-selling author and renowned international speaker; Dr Libby Weaver.

They discuss the benefits of broccoli and Sulforaphane: “Whole real foods are what contain unique bio-active compounds that actually drive some of the bio-chemical pathways in our body. I can use broccoli actually as a great example.

There’s a substance in broccoli called glucoraphanin, and we have bacteria in our gut microbiome that convert that glucoraphanin into a really potent substance, called Sulforaphane. And that Sulforaphane is very important for all the detoxification processes in our body; and it's shown to contribute to protection of certain cancers.” And Mike shares that he’s been trying FourHealth Green! “So you raise broccoli. Guess what I’ve started taking in the last month?

Broccoli sprouts – they’re 3 days old – and they say it’s brilliant for me and detox’s apart from anything else.” “Yes, you’re a man ahead of your time. That premise though, relies on your body being able to contribute to it. So broccoli and broccoli sprouts are rich in this particular substance – glucoraphanin – and then your substances made by your gut bacteria need to convert that into the super useful substance, which is Sulforaphane. So you’re a pioneer!” Woohoo! (A literal) shout out to the sprout!

FourHealth Green is made from the most potent dose of Sulforaphane (from 3 day old broccoli sprouts); in an easy-to-take, convenient capsule.

Listen to the whole interview here