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Both science and lived experience are clear: there are strong preventative and healing powers in certain foods.

FourHealth Green+ is simple – it’s food – broccoli sprouts. Inside those broccoli sprouts is something of a wonder compound: Sulforaphane. With over 3,000 studies and 70 clinical trials, its unique health benefits are well documented. We have sourced the highest Sulforaphane yielding broccoli sprouts and we wanted to share it with the world, so everyone can feel the benefits too. 

Sulforaphane is an in-direct antioxidant; it in-directly stimulates the body to produce its own antioxidants. Recently, we’ve made an exciting addition to our formula to make it even more powerful!  We have amplified FourHealth Green and added the trace mineral Selenium, a direct antioxidant. 

FourHealth Green+ helps...

+ Protect cells from damage
+ Improve immunity
+ Have more energy and mental clarity
+ Clear toxins and free radicals
+ Liver detox



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Why did we found FourHealth? It was quite simple really. We were four friends who trusted and respected each other. We had all worked in the healthcare market for many years and always had a passion for health and wellness. We discovered this amazing molecule (Sulforaphane) during our quest to find ways to age well and maximise healthspan.

 What we didn’t bank on was just how much science there was behind Sulforaphane - thousands of research papers (over 3,000 to be exact!). We tried it for ourselves and were blown away by the changes - more energy, a clearer head, less troublesome periods (for the ladies!) We stopped catching the coughs and sniffles that were going around and we knew at a cellular level our bodies were much healthier. This wasn’t a fad or a phase - this was a way we could finally take ownership of our health.   

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