Not all green supplements are the same!

FourHealth Green+ is simple – it’s food – broccoli sprouts.

Inside those broccoli sprouts is something of a wonder compound: Sulforaphane. With over 3,000 studies and 70 clinical trials, its unique health benefits are well documented.

Sulforaphane is a remarkable phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables. This compound supports the body to produce its own natural antioxidants, including Glutathione. These natural antioxidants help protect your body and cells from oxidative stress, air pollutants, UV radiation, toxins, hormone imbalance and other stresses, enhancing your overall health.

Sulforaphane is highly bio-available with 80% reaching your bloodstream – much more so than many other supplements which can be as low as 1%!

FHG+ has a high concentration of Sulforaphane (over 7-9mg per capsule!) making it one of the highest yielding broccoli supplements of its kind.

Plus, we've paired Sulforaphane with the mineral Selenium, providing both indirect and direct antioxidant benefits for optimal health and wellbeing.

How Sulforaphane Works

  • Sulforaphane is produced when we consume cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc.) or supplements containing these vegetables. An enzyme called Myrosinase (pronounced my-ro-sy-nase) reacts with a compound called Glucoraphanin (glue-core-raf-a-nin), converting it into Sulforaphane. The presence of myrosinase is critical to transforming the glucoraphanin into Sulforaphane.

    Sulforaphane quickly spread to various organs such as the liver, lungs, blood vessels, and brain. Once it reaches these organs, Sulforaphane crosses cellular walls, triggering the production of antioxidants within the cells themselves. This targeted antioxidant production ensures that the antioxidants are deployed precisely where potential threats exist, without being neutralised along the way.

    Sulforaphane's skinny molecular structure enables it to swiftly navigate the body, reaching different tissues and organs with ease. This exceptional mobility contributes to its wide range of therapeutic effects. From supporting cardiovascular health to safeguarding cells, Sulforaphane's ability to target specific areas and stimulate antioxidant production makes it a superstar among indirect antioxidants.



    than resveratrol at inducing an antioxidant response.


    (compared 1% for native turmeric) - such a skinny molecule it crosses the cellular wall and can be detected within organs such as the brain and lungs within minutes.

  • OVER 3,000 STUDIES

    with human clinical trials in diabetes, asthma, autism, heart health, and many more demonstrating the health benefits of anti-oxidant response.


In our current climate, it is essential that we take better care of our immune systems. One of the best ways we can do this is by ensuring the body is well prepared for immune threats - and antioxidants, Selenium being one of the main ones, plays a key role. Selenium can only be obtained through a diet rich with plants. However, the Selenium content of plants generally depends more on the amount of Selenium in the soil rather than the species of plant. As there is practically no Selenium in the soil in New Zealand - almost everyone is deficient in it.

We’ve chosen the best form of Selenium - based on science.

The need for Selenium in human and animal nutrition is well recognised, the question concerning the proper form of Selenium for supplemental use is developing. Ideally, Selenium should be supplemented in the form in which it occurs naturally in foods.  

Selenium exists in two forms known as enantiomers, including L-selenomethionine and D-selenomethionine. L-selenomethionine is biologically active in humans - and is the one we have chosen for  our greens supplement FourHealth Green+. Clinical trials show that L-selenomethionine is around 90% bioavailable (i.e. 90% of what you ingest is available to your body so that it can have an active effect).


  • Promotes Healthy
    Cholesterol Levels

  • Boosts
    Immune System

  • Supports Optimal
    Thyroid Function

  • Enhances
    Heart Health

One pill to do it all

  • Protect cells from damage
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Aid liver detoxification
  • Clear toxins and free radicals
  • Balance oestrogen
  • Increase energy
  • Aid thyroid metabolism and protection
  • Support gut homeostasis 
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels

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