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Say hello to 
Santa's little helper.

FourHealth Green - possibly the world's most powerful (Christmas) liver protection



The world’s
strongest known
inducer of the
bodies antioxidants

Has a long half life - stays
around lifting antioxidant
response for a long time

Works through genetic
expression - it’s like an on
switch for our liver - nothing
else comes close!

So, why does it work so well?... Look out here comes the science (sorry we had to). 

FourHealth Green is formulated with a magical little ingredient: SULFORAPHANE, scientifically proven to assist enhance the bodies defences against the consequences of overindulgence.

FourHealth Green contains 100% broccoli sprouts, which, when digested yield 14-16mg of sulforaphane. This clinically studied dose increases the body’s ability to metabolise acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of alcohol consumption.

For the best chance at achieving a clear head and mind after a night out, follow these easy steps:

· Take one serving (2 capsules) 30-45 minutes before going out.

· When alcohol consumption is higher than  usual take another serving (2 capsules) after you’ve finished drinking, or before bed.

Trust us, this isn’t snake oil, there are over 2600 studies demonstrating Sulforaphane’s wide-ranging benefits, and hundreds of studies showing the benefits of Sulforaphane on Liver Health.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted.

Shop online now or visit your local Life Pharmacy or Unichem (selected Auckland and Bay of Plenty stores only - see our stockists page).


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FourHealth Green - 1 Month Supply

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fourhealth green immunity boost
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FourHealth Green - 3 Month Supply