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Sulforaphane is found in most crucifers, but has the highest concentration in broccoli sprouts, which are baby broccoli plants.

Sulforaphane is a chemical that occurs in cruciferous vegetables and is praised for its health properties. This compound works as a powerful antioxidant by indirectly supporting the body to produce its own antioxidants. In fact, no other substance is known to be as potent at supporting antioxidant production as sulforaphane. People have begun enjoying it in supplement form to help boost their immune system and cell protection.

Sulforaphane has a bioavailability of nearly 80%, compared to native curcumin, another well known compound (often used for its anti-inflammatory benefits) at 1%. Bioavailability is the amount of substance that can enter your circulation and actively affect its target area. Your body absorbs this remarkable chemical very well, allowing you to utilise its components.

Sulforaphane is found in most crucifers, but has the highest concentration in broccoli sprouts, which are baby broccoli plants. They are only a few days old and quite similar in appearance to alfalfa sprouts. These sprouts also have nearly 50% more chemoprotective compounds than fully grown broccoli and other veggies. However, sulforaphane can be found in any kind of cruciferous vegetable - although the concentration varies.

Raw vegetables provide the highest amount of sulforaphane, so you should avoid blanching or roasting them to maximize your intake. Studies show that myrosinase, an enzyme needed to convert to sulforaphane, is sensitive to heat. If you cook your broccoli, you will reduce the beneficial properties. One of the best ways to get enough daily sulforaphane is by taking supplements. Most studies and trials that have shown benefits are at a dosage of 10mg to 60mg per day.


Most scientists and doctors worldwide agree that your diet is linked to your overall well-being. Maintaining a well balanced and whole food diet is easier said than done for a lot of people. We decided to take the guesswork out and created a capsule that is simple: dehydrated and ground up 3-day-old broccoli sprouts. We scanned the globe to find the highest sulforaphane yielding sprouts we could - and they are packed into FOUR HEALTH Green capsules.

Sulforaphane is a superfood and can help regulate your immune system and improve cellular health. In the studies done so far on this compound (there are over 3,000 so far!), sulforaphane has shown to be quite beneficial to your health. Here are all the potential health benefits that sulforaphane has:


Broccoli sprouts are part of the cruciferous vegetable family (so is cauliflower, pak choy, brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc.) Cruciferous vegetables have various levels of phytochemicals, which is a compound the plants produce. Scientists have shown the numerous benefits of phytochemicals on humans, including improving immune function, protecting cells from DNA damage (one cause of cancer), and hormone regulation.

Broccoli specifically has higher amounts of glucosinolates than other vegetables, which some researchers believe may be the cause for how it supports the body’s ability to fight free radicals - those cells that cause DNA damage which can lead to cancer.


Type 2 diabetes affects millions of people globally and is a chronic disease where your body has difficulty transporting sugar to and from your cells. Maintaining blood sugar control is vital because it prevents Type 2 Diabetes. Researchers found that broccoli sprout extract supported the body’s ability to reduce blood sugar levels and improve hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). 


Cardiovascular diseases cause the most significant number of deaths worldwide, representing about 30% of global deaths every year. Sustained low levels of inflammation irritate your blood vessels and may promote the growth of plaques, loosen plaque in your arteries and trigger blood clots — the primary cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to invaders -- your white blood cells enter your blood to fight injury or infection, leading to swelling and redness. Sulforaphane has been shown to support heart health in numerous ways - from smoothing out the arterial linings (called the endothelium), making things that might stick to the inside of an artery less sticky (this is good!), and reducing oxidative stress in your arteries and blood (also a good thing).


Your liver is essential to your body since it acts as a detoxifier, separating the toxins from the nutrients in your blood. Sulforaphane supports your liver function by helping the liver to upregulate its production of key antioxidant enzymes to clear out toxins and free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging. As well, these increased liver antioxidant enzymes have been shown to clear out excess hormones, notably estrogen.

By helping the liver clear out hormones, it is able to also filter out toxins much faster. This is even apparent when drinking alcohol. Alcohol consumption can create many toxins - some even carcinogenic. These toxins oxidise healthy cells, leaving behind free radicals. Sulforaphane has been shown to support the liver in its production of antioxidant enzymes, where it helps to mop up these free radicals and reduce cellular damage..


Our supplements contain a high dose of Sulforaphane from three-day-old broccoli sprouts and appear to have little to no side effects. Dieticians and food scientists have always encouraged eating cruciferous vegetables, so this supplement is considered relatively safe.

Johns Hopkins has been conducting trials on this chemical for over thirty years now, but its effectiveness and safety in humans are still under study. It’s best to always moderate your doses and pay attention to how your body feels, and consult your physician if you notice any concerning changes.


Sulforaphane is a naturally occurring chemical, so you don’t need to take a supplement to consume it. Simply add more cruciferous vegetables to your diet -- you’ll also get more vitamins and minerals this way! Sulforaphane is found in any of these veggies:

● Broccoli
● Broccoli sprouts
● Kale
● Brussels sprouts
● Arugula
● Cauliflower
● Bok choy
● Cabbage
● Mustard greens
● Collard greens

Cooking cruciferous vegetables can decrease your overall sulforaphane intake. Cut the veggies and chew them well to activate the chemical properly. An average individual weighing about 70kg will need about 4 cups of raw mature broccoli to reach a 18mg intake of sulforaphane. Or about 140 grams of broccoli sprouts. Noting that research has shown there is variation in the yield of sulforaphane depending upon things like seed strain, growing conditions and the like.

Or you can add FourHealth Green to your daily routine and be comfortable that you are getting the same dose as those researchers have used to show health benefits.


Sulforaphane is quickly becoming popular among the health-conscious, thanks to its exceptional properties. There’s always room for more research, but many studies have consistently shown an improvement in cellular and overall health when consuming what could possibly be nature’s most powerful compound. You can increase your intake by including more cruciferous vegetables into your diet, but the easiest way is to take Four Health every day for a concentrated daily dose.


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